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Portfolio - Nidperché


Coucoo Grands Reflets

Number of cabins : 24

Type of cabins : Cabane sur pilotis, Cabane flottante, Cabane perchée et Lov'nid

Location : Joncherey 90100 (Territoire de Belfort)

Description :

The cabins of this domain are located at the border between two elements: land and water. Several of them stand out for their originality. Some Cabine sur Pilotis are connected to Lov'nid or are inspired by geodesic shapes. Indeed, the Cabane Emeraude takes the shape of a zome and the Cabane Dôme, as its name indicates, of a dome. The cabins of this domain are in the capacity to accommodate between 2 and 6 people.


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