Achieving your project

Process Nid Perché :

We get involved in your project through several stages :

  1. Getting contact and analyzing the feasibility and budget requirements of your project.
  2. We charge a flat rate of 600€ (excluding TVA) for quotation and initial plans. The plans can be modified to suit your requirements at any time and you will need them for your different permission requests (preliminary request, planning permission, development permit. This charge is deducted from your final invoice (plus 400€ if you would prefer the additional model).
  3. We will visit your site to review the land, spaces, infrastructure and to go even further on the choice of cabin, trees and how the space can be used. (Advice, project guidance)
  4. We will send you the quotation and corresponding plans for your project.
  5. Once the quote has been validated, the construction can start: the average time is about 3 weeks to build a unfurnished cabin of 20m2, on stilts or hanging in the tree, is around 6 weeks. The construction of a bigger surface (40m2) or greater, full fitted (bathroom, kitchen,…) would take around 8 weeks.
  6. A security check of the construction by an independent security office is required before the final opening to the public.

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