Our treehouses - FAQ

FAQ - General Issues

What kind of cabin do you offer?

Nid Perché builds custom-made cabins.
Our cabins can be in the tree, on stilts or floating, they are made according to your wishes and site topography.

In which kind of tree can we build a cabin ?

For a treehouse project, many options are possible.
The cabin can be built around a supporting tree (oak, beech, chestnut…) provided that the health of the tree is good enough, its roots are secured, a diameter of around 90cm , and that is not exposed to unfavorable climatic conditions.

What is the maximum height a cabin can be built at?

There is no specified height, it depends on the supporting tree.

What can I do if I don’t have the correct diameter and/or the right kind of tree?

We may suggests the possibility of a construction on stilts and the tree will across it at the level of the terrace. In this layout the tree will be more decorative; it won’t be the supporting tree.

FAQ - Materials - Wood

What kind of wood do you use in the construction of a cabin?

Our cabins are built from Douglas and Larch, which are naturally rot-proof. Our wood is untreated and PEFC-certified.

What do you use to make the roofs of your cabins?

Like our cabins, our roofs are custom-made to fulfil your wishes. We can offer wooden shingle, heather, zinc…

Are the cabins environmentally friendly?

Nidperché make every effort to build in a way that respects trees and the environment.
The wood we use for construction (Douglas, Larch…) are untreated and PEFC-certified.
The fixing system we use protects and guarantees the development and natural growth of the tree.
A phytosanitary inspection is carried out by a forest expert every year to guarantee the health of the supporting carrier tree, and safety for users. This same inspection is carried out every 2 years.

Where does the wood we use come from?

Our wood comes from PEFC (Plan European Forest Certification) certified French forests.

FAQ - Access

What kind of access is possible?

Safety is the priority in terms of accessing the cabins: straight staircase, spiral staircase, safety path, safety ladders, floating bridge….  

Do you also build the furniture for inside the cabins?

Outdoors or indoors, our team of carpenters and joiners are here to make your dreams a reality! Bed, worktop, benches, desks, indoor ladders, chairs, tables…

Do the cabins have electricity and running water ?

Nidperché build custom-made cabins, so they can be connected to water and electricity. All facilities (e.g. kitchen, TV…)are available, depending on the kind of cabin and the allocated budget.

Are the cabins heated ?

The cabins can be heated in several different ways. This can be done simply with electric radiators or at the beginning of the construction by insulating the walls, the floor and the roof (sheep’s wool) and by choosing double glazing for example.

FAQ - Security

Are the cabins safe?

Our cabins are constructed to house people safely.
Before the construction a phytosanitary inspection is carried out by a forest expert every year to guarantee the health of the supporting carrier tree, and safety for users.
Each cabin is inspected by an independent agency before being opened to the public.

Who is responsible for maintaining the cabins?

We offer all our customers the possibility of subscribing to a contract for the maintenance of the cabin.
Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the best option for you.

FAQ - Budget

How much does a cabin cost?

The cost depends on the kind of the cabin you choose(hanging in a tree or on stilts, classical or luxury), how it is accessed (spiral staircase, rope bridge, suspended walkway, caged ladders…), its facilities (furniture, mezzanine, canopy…)

Do not hesitate to contact our sales department directly at to get an idea of ​​pricing based on your project.

What kind of customers are the cabins designed for?

The kind of customers we have varies depending on the type of cabin; couples who want to spend a night in an unusual cabin, families or business customers for an unusual seminar.
It is up to you to define your target market for building cabins that are perfectly suited to your needs.

Are the cabin ready to welcome the public?

Hanging on a tree, on stilts, for a campsite, a leisure area or a hotel, our cabins are made for welcoming the public safely and are HLL (Habitations Légères de Loisirs) certified under French law.
Nevertheless, inall our constructions in France, whether the cabins are ERP-classified or not by law, we have always applied the relevant safety rules.

FAQ - Legislation

Do we need a building permit to build a cabin (on stilts or hanging in a tree)?

According to the urban planning code, the following points have to be respected:
Unclassified camping area, PRL (parc Résidentiel de Loisirs), holiday villages: A statement has to be done for a surface SHON less than 20m2, for more than 20m2 a building permit is required.
For classified camping areas, PRL (Parc Résidentiel de Loisirs), holiday villages: A statement has to be done for a surface SHON less than 35m2, for more than 35m2 a building permit is required.

Do we always have to ask a permition to the city hall (whatever the size of the cabin)?

Legally, every construction has to be declared at the city hall. For more than 20m2 for private land and 35m2 for leisure area, the requirement needs also a building permit.

Are we allowed to build in a classified area?

Our team has already built treehouses in delicate areas (classified woods, world heritage sites….) on the condition that they do not affect the existing landscape.

FAQ - duration

What are the different stages to built a cabin ?

Do you have a project ? The process is simple :
1/ Contact us at or
We will work together to meet your needs.
-    Nid Perché process
-    We charge a fee 480€ HT for quotation and plans.
-    Plans can be modified
-    This package can be deduced from the final bill (add 250€ if you would like an additional model)
2/ We will visit your site to review the land, spaces, infrastructure and to go even further on the choice of cabin, trees and how the space can be used. (Advice, project guidance)
3/ We will send you the quotation and corresponding plans for your project.
       4/ Once the quote has been validated, the construction can start !
       5/ A security check of the construction by an independent security office is required before the final opening to     the public.

How long will the complete process take from the beginning to the opening to the public?

The average time is about 3 weeks to build an unfurnished cabin of 20m2, on stilts or hanging in the tree, is around 3 weeks. The construction of a bigger surface (40m2) or greater, full fitted (bathroom, kitchen,…) would take around 5 weeks.

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