Our values

Respecting the tree

Our daily requirement is to respect the tree which holds the cabin. The bio-construction has been at the heart of our concerns for 12 years. NID PERCHE answer a number of specification which respect rules combining sustainable development and the health of the tree.
Every time a treehouse is built a  phytosanitary diagnosis is made by a forest engineer if the tree is supporting the cabin and our fixing system has been studied to make sure that the treehouse won’t hinder the natural growth of tree.

Ecological approach

The ecological exploitation of our materials adheres to principles of sustainable development. We build different types of cabin, both with and without insulation. All our insulation material is made from natural fibre. (sheep’s wool, wood fibre, hemp fibre….).

Our wood comes from local forests to minimize our carbon footprint and the trees are replanted in accordance with a sustainaible development policy. Our waste material is reprocessed ( various waste is recycled, wood waste is made into coal and sawdust is made into boiler pellets).

The cabin can be  completely dismantled without leaving a mark on the tree.
Sustainable development and the protection of Nature determined the choice of the materials used ( natural and environmentally-friendly materials).We only use wood from PEFC certified forests :  Douglas and Larch are the most  commonly used because they are naturally rotproof and therefore  don’t need any treatments.

Made in France

Nid Perché attaches particular importance to building its cabins in a spirit of proximity by working with local suppliers. Indeed, our wood comes from local species, the majority of which are from Aquitaine, and we apply this approach to all our material suppliers.
Our company, nestled in the heart of the Périgord, tends to develop the local economy.

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